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Co-operation needed to find solutions

The focus of politicians is a need for stricter gun controls to protect children from harm. They point to the violence in Chicago, Detroit and other major cities and the hundreds of young people who are being murdered each year. Rather than seeking to restrict guns from law abiding citizens, the emphasis should be getting… Continue Reading

Out of the box thinking needed to curb school violence

Looking at the various inquiries, government reviews and judicial hearings into mass killings and targeted violence in educational facilities, it is interesting to note that evidence was collected from law enforcement and first responder personnel, educational officials, school and safety experts as well as representatives from government at all levels. Left out of the equation… Continue Reading

Schools should have a security plan

All schools today are encouraged to have a written safety plan with procedures for staff to follow in the event of a dire emergency. This however, is not mandated in all school districts, and that should be a concern to anyone, including parents, who worry about the safety of children while in the care of… Continue Reading

Information from Center for Disease Control

  The Center for Disease Control has some very interesting facts related to school violence. The organization also accurately points out that you must have all the facts before working toward prevention. Check out their web page for additional details.   Please ShareTwitterFacebookLinkedinGoogle+TumblrRedditemail Continue Reading

Resource Document for Safe Schools from the Ontario Government

The Ontario Ministry of Education recognizes that all students require a caring and safe environment and individualized support in order to learn, develop their potential, and stay in school. Over the years, the ministry has taken a number of initiatives to assist schools in meeting these requirements. The present document is intended to serve as… Continue Reading

National dialogue needed on school shootings

It has been determined that students who commit mass murder in educational institutions don’t just snap, but in fact spend considerable time planning the attack in great detail. Sometimes they leave notes detailing what they intend to do and giving reasons why they are waging a kind of war against people they have spent considerable… Continue Reading

Let’s stop the carnage in classrooms

Considering the spectrum or range of violence that can occur in the school environment, it is vital that full and open dialogue take place to identify the problems and weaknesses so solutions can be formulated that will virtually assure students are protected. The book points out this is not a United States issue or a… Continue Reading

Books that may interest you

I’m Missing – Please Find Me This book, the second in a series of Crime Stoppers appeals, focuses on the plight of missing people and their families. There are rewards totaling almost $3 million for the more than 350 randomly selected cases from across North America in this book. Some of those who vanished were… Continue Reading

Cases examined in book

Keep Kids Safe takes an indepth look at school shootings in Dunblane, Scotland, Littleton, Colorado, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Red Lake, Minnesota, Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia and at Platte Canyon High School in Park County, Colorado. It also examines what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and the impact not only on the… Continue Reading