The book – Keep Kids Safe: Don’t Let Our Schools Become Killing Zones – details the history of school shootings from Scotland to Sandy Hook. The first slaying in Canada was in 1902. The book reveals: The earliest school shooting in Canada occurred when a 14-year-old girl was killed by a classmate on the doorstep of the Frontenac School in Kingston, Ontario, on April 28, 1902. The victim, Beatrice Holland, had enraged a fellow student by repeatedly knocking off his hat in the class cloakroom. As she left the school with several friends, Beatrice was confronted by 15-year-old Eric Sharp, the son of a local grocery store owner who had said he would shoot her if she didn’t stop teasing him. Sharp pulled a gun and fired a single shot which struck the victim in the head. She was killed instantly. The boy ran off but surrendered to police about three hours later. An article in the April 29, 1902 edition of the St. John Daily Sun, said Sharp told police the killing was accidental. He admitted threatening to shoot Beatrice, but said he had no idea the gun was loaded.