The Ontario Ministry of Education recognizes that all students require
a caring and safe environment and individualized support in order
to learn, develop their potential, and stay in school. Over the years,
the ministry has taken a number of initiatives to assist schools in meeting these
requirements. The present document is intended to serve as a practical resource
for superintendents, principals, and vice-principals, to help them address issues
of student behaviour both through instruction and interventions tailored to
individual student needs and through ongoing efforts to build and maintain a
caring and safe school culture.
The document sets out a framework that system and school leaders may use to
strengthen schools’ ability to provide a caring and safe environment, in which
responses to behaviour issues are shaped by informed consideration of students’
needs and circumstances. While the ideas and strategies outlined here are appropriate for use with all students, the focus of this document is on the particular circumstances of students with special education needs.