I’m Missing – Please Find Me

This book, the second in a series of Crime Stoppers appeals, focuses on the plight of missing people and their families. There are rewards totaling almost $3 million for the more than 350 randomly selected cases from across North America in this book. Some of those who vanished were obviously abducted while others may have made a conscious decision to deliberately leave. It’s also likely that some missing individuals were targeted for murder while some are possibly the victims of human trafficking gangs. Families of missing people are left with a void and many unanswered questions and hopefully some of those reading this book will have information that they can provide to law enforcement agencies or Crime Stoppers that will help reunite the missing with their loved ones. Among the cases in this book is a newborn who was stolen from a Florida hospital; a mother who disappeared while working as an escort in a quiet Colorado community; a man in Stanton County, Kansas who vanished after going to his ex-girlfriend’s home to pick up his five-year-old son; a Canadian businesswoman who went missing while vacationing in Hong Kong and the millionaire granddaughter of motion picture legend Tyrone Power, who hasn’t been seen since moving into a New Orleans flop-house while trying to experience what it was like to be poor. This book gives a face to people who are missing and the author hopes details of the cases will help people recall information that will assist investigators to find some of these individuals.

Find My Killer

Highlighted in this book are more than 250 unsolved murder cases from across North America with rewards totalling some $5.5 million. Investigators are hoping people will have information that will help solve some of these cases which are on the files of police agencies and Crime Stoppers units in the United States and Canada. These victims and their families require justice and are hoping those who know who is responsible will come forward and identify the killers.