Considering the spectrum or range of violence that can occur in the school environment, it is vital that full and open dialogue take place to identify the problems and weaknesses so solutions can be formulated that will virtually assure students are protected.

The book points out this is not a United States issue or a concern that is limited to North America, but is a global crisis based on violent and degrading acts that have impacted students in countries around the world.

Initially we can blame ourselves for failing to rally support for our children when victimization began to surface in our schools. We abandoned our role as protectors to those who have the responsibility for the education of our young people. In addition, we call upon those in law enforcement to deal with issues as they arise and once the band-aid is applied, we haven’t clamored to determine the root-cause of any problems. Although a global crisis, we must also recognize that it is a community concern and the importance that we play a key role to discover where breakdowns have occurred, what societal changes have taken place, identify shifts in values as well as the duty we all have as protectors of those who are most vulnerable in our society.